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Skadoosh iPad standsfor all iPad models including
the new iPad Air


Skadoosh stand for iPads


Introducing the Aluminum Skadoosh stand for the Apple iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, and the iPad Air - the ultimate iPad accessory.
The extendable Skadoosh Stand is head and shoulders above all other iPad stands.

Fully Adjustable Aluminum Stand for the iPad

What's your favorite angle? 45 degrees? 70? Whatever keeps the glare off the screen? Well, adjusting the Skadoosh stand to nearly a dozen angles couldn't be easier. Simply hold down the lock button, rotate the stands rocker (the black plastic and rubber iPad holder), and your iPad is snuggly held at that angle. The lock button firmly holds it all in place. With the Skadoosh stand you can use the touch screen abilities of the Apple iPad with peace of mind: that thing isn't going anywhere. The low pivot point of the rocker let's you adjust your iPad back and type with the ease and comfort of using a desktop keyboard.

adjustable iPad stands
The Skadoosh stand is fully adjustable

Low Profile Stand for the iPad

 iPad stands and typing
Typing on the Skadoosh stand for the iPad

Rest your hard working hands while typing on the iPad and be confident that the Skadoosh aluminum stand will hold the iPad solid. The iPad sits so low in the Skadoosh stand that it is almost like you're typing on your laptop keyboard, except you're actually typing on the "magical" iPad. You know what they say, "the low rider is a little higher". High on the list of great stands for the iPad.


Stand your iPad and Keep it Plugged In

Another feature that makes the Skadoosh the best stands for the iPad: there's a slot in the rocker and the base of the stand. Why? It's the perfect size for the Apple connector! Clearly, someone was using their head. Your Apple iPad stays plugged in while it sits happily in the iPad stand. Imagine your iPad is enjoying a refreshing beverage while reclining in an easy-chair. Nice.

best iPad docks

Landscape or Portrait Stand for the iPad



landscape iPad stand

 Portrait iPad stands

The title says it all...whether you're using your iPad in Portrait or Landscape, our stand will hold it firm. When using it in landscape feel free to keep the extended flip arm tucked neatly away or flip it out for absolute support. When standing the iPad up in portrait you definitely want to extend that flip arm for max support, and here's the best part. You can lay the iPad all the way back in portrait and it won't tip back. Even when you press on the top of the iPad. It's pretty awesome!





Elegant and Professional Stand for the iPad

The Skadoosh stand for the iPad is perfect for medical, law, marketing, sales, real estate and other professional fields where convenience, functionality and a sophisticated look are all important.


Professional iPad stand 

The Best Stand for FaceTime or Skype on the iPad

best iPad stands for facetime

The Skadoosh stands ability to adjust to any angle makes it the perfect stand for using FaceTime or Skype, or any video calling technology available.

Stand for iPad that Works with a Case

The plastic and rubber "rocker" that holds the iPad has enough clearance for thin cases added to your iPad. What do we mean by "thin" you ask? Well, any case that adds up to about 1/8 of an inch (3mm). It even works with the Apple case and the Smart cover. Check out our list of compatible cases and feel free to contact us if you're not sure if your case will fit. Stand for iPad in case

Portable Stand for the iPad

 portable iPad stands

The Skadoosh only weighs half a pound (.22kg) and ships with a black felt bag so you can protect your iPad and your stand when you're on the go. Use it at the coffee shop, your office, and at home to stand your iPad all in the same day. Traveling? No problem. Use it on the airplane, at your meeting, and hopefully pool side while sipping a fruity drink.

Congratulations! You know everything about the Skadoosh stand...now you just need one of your own.


To sum up...here are all the spectacularly awesome features of the Skadoosh stand for the iPad in a neat and organized list.

Fully Adjustable

  • The push button lock securely holds your iPad at nearly a dozen different angles.

 Low Profile

  • The low position of the iPad holder allows for easy typing.

 Incredibly Stable

  • Rubber inserts in the stand "grip" your iPad instead of your iPad just resting on it. The result is an incredibly solid stand for such a small foot print.
 Slot for Connector Cable
  • There is a slot cut into the stand to allow the Apple connector cable to stay plugged in.
 Landscape or Portrait
  •  The stand will hold and adjust your iPad in either landscape or portrait. 
Elegant and Professional
  •  The anodized finish of the stand matches the iPad in quality and beauty. And the workmanship is top notch!
 Perfect for FaceTime
  • Easily set the iPad to the perfect angle for that conversation with your friends, family or clients.
 Machined Aluminum
  •  The entire body of the stand is machined out of solid aluminum. The only plastic component is the rocker that holds the iPad.
 Very Portable
  •  Only a little larger than a wallet in size and only weighs half a pound. The stand comes in a felt travel bag, so no fear of damaging the stand or your iPad.


  •  Only the plastic rocker that holds the iPad will need to be modified or replaced once Apple releases the iPad 4, and 5, and... you know how it goes.
 Works with Cases
  •  The stand will hold your iPad even if it has a thin case that adds up to 1/8" of thickness on it. And yes, it does work with the Apple case and smart cover. List of known compatible cases.