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samsung galaxy tab stand

For BlackBerry PlayBook
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The CNC machined aluminum Perch stand for the BlackBerry PlayBook has an innovative design that combines adjustability, portability, stability and good looks. A simple push-button lock holds your PlayBook at just about any angle. So what we're trying to say is...the Perch Stand is the perfect accessory to stand your PlayBook.

 Perch stand for BlackBerry PlayBook
 BlackBerry PlayBook Holder

  [ Lots of Angles ]

Get the perfect angle for video conferencing, typing, or browsing. Adjusting the Perch stand to your desired angle couldn't be easier. Hold down the button, tilt your BlackBerry PlayBook where you want it, and let go. The released button locks it in place. With the perch stand you can use the touch screen abilities of the PlayBook with peace of mind: that thing isn't going anywhere. The low pivot point of the rocker let's you lay your PlayBook back and type that email with the ease and comfort of using a desktop keyboard.



[ Landscape or Portrait ]

 Whether you are watching a movie or scrolling thru your list of appointments the Perch stand will hold the BlackBerry PlayBook at any angle you need and in landscape or portrait.

Portable stand for BlackBerry PlayBook
Adjustable stand for BlackBerry PlayBook

 [ Keep it Plugged in ]

And one more feature that puts the Perch Stand head and shoulders above the rest: there's a slot in the rocker and the base of the stand. Why? It's the perfect size for the connector! Clearly, someone was using their head. Your BlackBerry PlayBook stays plugged in while it sits happily in the Perch stand. Imagine your PlayBook is enjoying a refreshing beverage while reclining in an easy-chair. Nice.

USB Extension

USB 90 degree connector needed to plug in stock connector
SOLD SEPERATELY - Not available on our site

Using the Stock USB Connector?

If you are using the stock micro B USB connector that comes with the PlayBook and you plan on keeping your tablet plugged in while it is in the stand, you will need to purchase a 90 degree USB extension. Unfortunately, the stock USB connector is too tall to use with the Perch stand. Another option is to rotate the PlayBook to portrait or flip the PlayBook and plug into the top while it is in the stand. Sorry about that...


Using the Rapid Charger?

That's great! The BlackBerry Rapid Charger works great with the Perch stand. There is a small slot in the bottom that allows the cord to run parallel to the PlayBook and out the side.
PlayBook Quick Charger
Typing on stand for BlackBerry PlayBook

[ Firm, but Gentle, Grip ]

The plastic rocker in the Perch stand cleverly maintains two things at once: minimal contact with the BlackBerry PlayBook surface and a firm hand. Two rubber inserts grip the front bezel while the back of your PlayBook gently rests on two rubber o-rings. It's gentle but stable with your PlayBook in portrait or landscape mode. In other words, however you want to stand your BlackBerry PlayBook, the Perch will rise to the occasion.


   [ Simple Upgrade ]

We know how quickly technology changes, so we designed the Perch stand to change with it. If you switch to a new version of the BlackBerry PlayBook, or another tab all together, simply purchase the new rocker at a minimal price for that style tablet computer and your stand is all caught up with the times.

[ Super Portable ]

 Simply slip the Perch stand into the included carrying pouch, and the it is as portable as the BlackBerry PlayBook itself. Just imagine all the magical places you could take it...

  [ Pick your color ]

The Perch Stand will be available in a glossy silver or black. Perfect matches for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

 [ Video Conferencing ]

Adjust the angle of the Perch stand to whatever you need for video conferencing with your clients or just talking to your family. Easily adjust the angle during the conversation if needed.