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ipad-stand-specs-01.jpgQuestion: How awesome is the Skadoosh iPad Stand?
Answer: Very!

Question: What makes the iPad stand different than other iPad stands?
Answer: There are quite a few things that makes our stand different than others.
- It is very easy to adjust the angle of the iPad. Instead of holding the angle of the iPad with tension that you have to fight against when adjusting, there is a lock button in the front that you press down while setting the iPad to one of almost a dozen angles.
 - It actually "holds" the iPad with rubber inserts (which also protects the iPad). Other stands simply let you "rest" the iPad, but the Skadoosh grips it much like how one grips the iPad with their hand. Creating a very stable stand.
 - It is a stable desktop stand that folds up, making it very portable.
 - It has the flip out support. So if the iPad is in portrait, adjusted all the way back, it won't tip when touching the top of the screen.
 - It has a low pivot point so it makes it easy to type on and to use at any angle.
 - It works with most thin cases.
 - Its solid aluminum and Made in America.

Question: Do you ship International?
Yes we do. We ship to almost all countries in the world with minimal shipping charges possible.

Question: Will it scratch my iPad?
Answer: We cannot guarantee that it will not scratch your iPad, but we have taken every possible precaution. The screen is only touched on the bezel by 2 rubber pads (the plastic doesn't touch your screen). The back of the iPad rests on 2 rubber o-rings.

Question: Can I use the touch screen of the iPad while it is in the Skadoosh stand?
Answer: The Skadoosh stand has plenty of support to hold your iPad steady at any angle you choose while you browse websites or use your favorite app.

 Question: How quickly will the Skadoosh ship out and how long will it take?
Answer: Generally the stand will ship out in 1-2 business days. The shipping in the US takes approx 3-5 days and international shipping takes approx. 2-4 weeks. Express shipping is available. Learn more in our Shipping section of our Terms and Conditions.

Question: I am using a screen protector, like the Zagg. Does the Skadoosh damage it?
Answer: The 2 rubber "bumpers" inside the rocker that grip the front of the iPad can leave marks in the screen protector. If you don't want marks, one option is to cut the screen protector away where the rocker grips the bezel. We are working on the production of an insert to eliminate this problem. Let us know if you are interested in one.